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Texas Finance Commission head: ‘There’s nobody out there that forces anybody to take any kind of loan’

The payday loan industry receives a lot of criticism and heat from both public agencies and the general public. Some of the common complaints are the number of fees and the high interest charges that are applied to each short-term loan. However, one Texas payday-lending officials has defended the industry. Speaking with the El Paso […]

Loan Rehabilitation to Improve Credit Score: Fact or Fiction?

What is Loan Rehabilitation? Loan rehabilitation allows you to improve your credit score by changing the status of your loans. The only types of loans that are eligible for rehabilitation include federal loans. Examples include Federal Perkins loans, Health Professions Student Loans, Federal Stafford Loans, and more. Someone will rehabilitate their loan after it has […]

Are FDIC Bank Accounts Really Safe

The FDIC is considered to be the bastion of safety that protects American deposit account holders from the risks associated with their financial institutions collapsing due to their own operations. With $250,000 worth of deposits being insured for each account, and $25 billion in funds on hand ready to bail out depositors directly (not the […]

How a Divorce Can Impact Your Bank Account

Divorces are complicated situations to navigate, and they aren’t getting any easier as they become more and more common. Between the various facets of litigation, obligation, and the sheer stress associated with the event as a whole, taking a few minutes to understand how it is that divorce comes together can be a very valuable […]

The Different Types of Business Loans

Small Business Loan – The most common type of small business loan is the 7(a) program. Something that you should know about this loan is that the lender looks at what the business (not the individual) has. For example, your business has to operate for a profit in order to be eligible for this type […]